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Using client's vision and our expertise to make the 'target state' a reality.

What does ExceDone offer?

You get a business partner with unparalleled level of honesty, commitment and creative ideation. You get solid expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Software development, and Program management, accumulated and actively applied through the last 25 years.


If you already have a fully staffed technical team, we are happy to engage at a Program management level, and bring in extensive process, budget, organization and talent management experience.

Past projects



E-learning via quiz/trivia and short lectures SaaS. It has 3 front-end applications:

Mobile friendly website, Android app, and multi-author content creation webapp for teachers, tutors and instructors.

User-friendly applications emphasize privacy-preserving tech without cookies, external scripts or other 3rd party service dependencies. There is a cross-platform (web and mobile) functional parity, including support for audio. All supported by a scalable, easy to configure and deploy backend.

A partial list of technologies leveraged:

mobile-first, android, e-commerce, infrastructure-as-software



There are, of course, a number of other enterprise-level solutions that cannot be referenced through a public link. Those include architectures and solutions covering:

  • Enterprise IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • Fintech trade and reference data hubs
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Complex multi-vendor enterprise integrations and data migrations
  • Solution consolidations
  • E-commerce rating, billing, taxation and customer care systems

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